Andrew Hieronymi

Self-Conscious Gaming

The experience of playing videogames, although using similar computer technologies, differs fundamentally from the experience of interaction with other forms of digital media. This presentation proposes to investigate the potential of bodily interaction to reveal those differences by offering users to experience core elements of gameplay through installations using a computer vision interface.

The presentation will describe various projects, among them Hieronymi's 2005 MOVE, a single-user installation allowing participants to experience a number of gestures and actions usually performed by avatars in videogames and in which users always lose, as well as his latest project, a multi-user installation using dynamic difficult adjustment where users never lose.


Andrew Hieronymi's recent work focuses on the boundaries between games and art in physical environments. He has exhibited internationally in art venues and media festivals, such as Ars Electronica (06), SIGGRAPH (06), FILE Sao Paulo (06, 02), Microwavefest (05) and Futureplay (05) among others. Hieronymi has received an MFA from the Design|Media Arts department at the University of California, Los Angeles (05), and a Diploma of Fine Arts from Ecole SupŽrieure des Beaux-Arts, Geneva, Switzerland (98). He is currently a professor of Interactive Design and Game Development at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.


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