Chris Bernard

Classic Design Movements and IxD: Kissing Cousins?

De Stijl, Bauhaus, Futurism. The short history of design is filled with a lexicon of terms and movements that inspire designers of today. What do these classic movements in design history have to do with User Experience and Interaction Design in the creation of software, Web sites, products and services design?

See how much our past is influencing present and future conventions around form, function and simplicity in design and how and why you should incorporate these principals into your own work. This session will highlight the most influential design movements that impact our work and give a foundation of the language and patterns that emerged from these movements.


For 15 years Chris has worked in motion graphics, interactive, application and Web design. Currently a User Experience Evangelist for Microsoft, Chris previously was a Creative Director for the Centers for e-business Innovation at IBM. Clients have included CNBC, Hilton, Gatorade, The NCAA, Cranbrook and Target. Chris received a masters in marketing from the Illinois Institute of Technology and in design from the Institute of Design.

A passionate advocate for the practice and discipline of design Chris has been published in International Design Magazine and serves as an Adjunct lecturer and expert on cross-disciplinary teaming at The Institute of Design.


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