Chris Conley

Dramatic Features in Interaction Design

Why are some interactions simply more engaging than other ones with the same features? Sometimes it is simply the organization of the interface. Other times, it is the ease of navigating between functions. However, increasingly it is because the function or feature is dramatized. That is, the interaction brings drama to the experience. Drama's definition captures the essence: "A composition...intended to exhibit a picture of human life, or to depict a series of grave or humorous actions of more than ordinary interest, tending toward some striking result." When interactions are designed to resonate with human emotion, they can be said to be dramatized. In this Lightning Session, Chris Conley will explore case studies to illustrate the concept of "dramatized features" and the principles and dimensions he has developed for designing dramatic interactions.


Chris Conley is the founding director of Gravity Tank, an innovation consulting firm and leads the Graduate Product Design program at the Institute of Design (ID) in Chicago. Chris has spent his whole career exploring and integrating diverse design disciplines for the purpose of innovation. Chris holds a Master of Science of Design from ID and a mechanical engineering degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Chris is a regular contributor to design conferences and competitions worldwide and was the 2006 Chair of the IDEA BusinessWeek Awards.


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