Darja Isaksson

Fighting the battle of motivating design- how Effect Maps can help us get where we want to be

Many Interaction Designers share the frustration of fighting endless battles to make project management, developers and sometimes even customers make prioritizations that support user goals. The struggle doesn't always end in success.

Although many projects these days include Interaction Designers in their team, too many IT products still provide poor user experience and as a result, reduced business value. inUse advocates the need for Interaction Designers to be better at motivating design choices from a business perspective. The Effect Map is now a much appreciated tool for interaction designers in Scandinavia, and the model is being used at major companies such as IKEA and Sony Ericsson.


Darja Isaksson

After giving up her original plan to become a misunderstood artist, Darja has spent the past 10 years consulting as an interaction designer for companies such as MTV, Sony Ericsson and SOS Alarm.

In 2002, she founded inUse together with four other colleagues sharing her focus on user experience as a crucial issue for achieving business value. As the CEO of inUse, she advocates the need for interaction designers to motivate design choices in a way that can be traced back to defined business effects.