David Armano

Experience Design, Convergence + The Digital Agency

Experience changes everything. A design shop creates a marketing campaign. A marketing shop designs the user interface for a mainstream video game console. A big brand agency coordinates the design and construction of a concept retail experience. What’s going on?

This presentation will take a look at the increasingly blurring roles of individuals and organizations as we pursue the planning, design and development of experiences. We’ll discuss the evolution of skills and backgrounds and attitudes that it takes to thrive in an increasingly fragmented world where the lines between marketing, technology and even design seem fuzzy. We’ll take a look at some social features we designed for the Nasa website re-launch initiative and how we began thinking past the browser and into the mobile environment.


David has over 14 years experience in the creative field with the majority of his time spent in digital marketing and experience design. An active thought leader in the industry, David authors the popular Logic + Emotion blog, currently listed in the top tier of the “Power 150” as ranked by Ad Age. David’s writing has been cited by Forrester, The Boston Globe and landed him in BusinessWeek on several occasions including their “Best of 2006”. David graduated cum laude from Pratt Institute where he studied visual communications + computer graphics. He is best known for his distinct brand of visual thinking and synthesis.


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