Jeff White and Jim Ungar

User Interface Design in an Agile Environment: Enter the Design Studio

This talk will benefit an audience of interaction designers by highlighting the inner workings of a design studio – a time boxed, collaborative design session that serves to consolidate ideas and team direction around a common design. This session will cover two main topics: 1) how to plan and conduct a design studio with your engineering staff, and 2) how the design studio benefits agile environments by accelerating the design process, providing developers, stakeholders and designers with shared ownership of the design, and providing an environment for mentoring and knowledge transfer.

Jeff White Bio

Jeff White graduated from Purdue University where he studied Computer Graphics Technology and Visual Communication Design. He’s been the owner of an ad agency in Charlotte, NC and now works for JewelryTV in Knoxville, TN where he works with teams of engineers to design and develop rich internet applications.

Jim Ungar Bio

Jim Ungar holds a Master’s Degree in HCI from the University of Michigan. He’s been an Interaction Designer for companies such as Sandia National Laboratories and the Naval Postgraduate School. Jim is currently the Senior Interaction Designer at JewelryTV in Knoxville, TN where he leads the design of rich internet applications.


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