Matt Jones

Designing for SpaceTime, Building in No-Time: Cross-Platform Service Design in a Start-Up Context

At big organizations I've worked in such as Nokia and the BBC, product development and interaction design are often separated disciplines, project stages and considerations.

At a start-up, they rarely are- time and resources being of the essence. Interaction Design is bound-up with actually building the thing, which has many upsides and many downsides.

I'll be contrasting my experience of building Dopplr, a service for frequent travelers to that of design development of larger scale projects for lessons learned from both that I hope will benefit those working in both professional contexts.


Matt Jones

Matt Jones is a designer. Creative director for the award-winning BBC News Online and Sapient's London studio in the first boom, then at the BBC in 2001 for the BBC's web search and a geo-located social network. From 2003, he joined Nokia in design research, then as a Director of UX Design.

He is one of the founders/lead designer of Dopplr.com, a service for frequent travelers, and has returned to the BBC to assist their move into a cross-platform world of storytelling. He has written on interaction design and planetary scale self-replicating robot dogs for 8 years at http://www.blackbeltjones.com


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