Morten Hjerde

Designing for the Other 99%

The iPhone is a beautiful and cool device. Admit it: it has gotten you started thinking about designing for mobile phones. But you are not aiming for only 1% of the market, are you? What about the other 99% of the phones out there? The Samsungs, the Palms, the Motorolas. Even if their native software is not dead-on cool, that does not mean that your software can't be.

This session will focus on the important differences between designing for a direct manipulation device like a PC and an indirect manipulation device like most mobile phones, the challenges you face and the opportunities you have when you get down to instantiating an actual mobile phone user interface across different devices.


Morten Hjerde works as a Senior Interaction Designer at mBricks where he leads innovation and ideation and designs enterprise software for mobile phones. Previously, Morten was Principal & Head of Development at Ememess as where he designed mobile phone games and fun stuff. He lives and works just outside Oslo, Norway.


Download this talk: [MP3] [iPod Video]

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