Sajid Saiyed

New Interaction Model for a Modular Personal Infotainment System

In the world where everything is getting digital day-by-day, we see new breeds of gadgets and control emerging. For the need to be connected and informed we buy more and more gadgets and our life starts to revolve around them. This poses a great challenge for the users to master different interaction paradigms and nuances of issuing commands to the device and expecting a desirable output. These variations in behavior and output mechanisms are of concern as more and more digital products enter our life.

A typical home infotainment setting consists of multiple display, input and interaction mechanisms. Large screen displays like Televisions requiring remote controls. Medium screen displays like Computers requiring Keyboards and mouse. Small screen displays like Mobiles, PDA, Music players requiring built-in keypads. The goal of this session is to present a new interaction model for personal infotainment systems which overcomes the hurdle of multiple controls and displays and look at ways to de-couple display from hardware and provide a seamless personal infotainment user experience.


Sajid is an Architect who diversified to Interaction Design 9 years back. He is currently 'Manager - Interactive Design' at Philips Design, PHILIPS (India). His area of work involves interaction and visual design for consumer electronics products at Philips. He loves working on cutting edge technological innovations. He also holds a patent for TV UI interaction model. His passion involves technology - Innovations in electronics as well as web related technologies. He is a design freak, but at the same time code is a poetry as well.