Saskia Idzerda

Redesigning Sony-Ericsson's Product Catalog

Sony Ericsson's product catalog is a rich internet application that allows users to filter and browse phones and other products before delving into the product details. A case study of the development includes the following topics: Multiple interactive rapid prototypes were created and user-tested during a prestudy to test and refine the idea, use of agile and user-centered development methods, Internalization/localization issues. The (sometimes surprising) outcome of global user testing in 5 different countries.

The principle behind this story is iterative design: hardly new but difficult to do well. The story will be illustrated with wireframes and graphical designs of many different phases in the process, as well as results and anecdotes from usability testing. The application is now live serving close to 10 million users monthly, and has seen exceptional results via large-sample external usability validation post-launch. It is visible at www.sonyericsson.com/products.


Saskia Idzerda is a Dutch senior information architect at Media Catalyst in Amsterdam. She has been designing user interfaces for applications and websites since 1994 in areas varying from motorway traffic maintenance to insurances to mobile phones. She has taught user interface design courses for a few years until she realised she'd much prefer to be doing the designing herself again. Recently she was responsible for the conference program of the annual conference of the Dutch chapter of SIGCHI. Saskia holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics.


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