Sigi Moeslinger

Intervention- Interaction

Design is a form of intervention. Whenever a new artifact is introduced to our life - often inspired by new technology - design has to negotiate between people, the existing context and the new artifact. The essence of design is interaction. Interaction between people and artifacts, as well as interaction amongst people mediated by designed artifacts. Through examples of Antenna's work, crossing the threshold between product and environment, between public and private, between physical and digital interfaces, some of the key concepts which govern our design practice will be presented. Most notably, intervention and interaction. Design is an intervention which generates a new interaction in society. 


Sigi Moeslinger

Sigi Moeslinger is a partner at Antenna Design New York Inc. which she co-founded with Masamichi Udagawa in 1997. Antenna's design projects range from public and commercial to experimental and artistic, typically spanning object, interface and environment. Antenna's user-centered design approach helps understand human behavior, which is particularly important when designing the unfamiliar, elicited by new technology. Antenna's work has won numerous awards, including recognition from Business Week/IDSA, I.D., Fast Company and Wired magazines. In 2003 and 2006 Antenna was a finalist for the National Design Award in Product Design from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Before forming Antenna, Sigi was an Interval Research Fellow at NYU where she designed and built digitally enhanced objects. Prior to that, she was at IDEO in San Francisco, working on corporate product design languages, consumer products and equipment, as well as future scenarios for new technology products.

Moeslinger holds a Masters in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University and a BS in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design.


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