Yasser Rashid

Visualizing Radio

The concept of visualising radio is a major challenge that we are currently dealing with at BBC Audio & Music Interactive. Why visualise radio? A large percentage of our listeners are now tuning into our shows using a variety of devices that have screens - mobile phones and televisions are examples. It's the screen itself that raises the challenge - based on our research people expect there to be some kind of feedback, visual cues perhaps or even just a way of visualising the audio itself.

Does visualizing radio mean losing the magic of radio or can it be a way of radically enhancing the listening experience? This talk will attempt to explore these questions, raising some of the challenges and opportunities that face interaction designers, offering a glimpse of what the future could look like for radio on multi-platforms.


Yasser Rashid is a Senior Interaction Designer at BBC Audio and Music Interactive, involved with developing innovative design solutions for online and multi-platform projects. His background in digital media encompasses artistic, educational, public sector and commercial contexts. Projects have included initiating experimental interaction design labs, creating mobile and online interactions for community led projects and delivering innovative global solutions to blue chip companies.