Partner with Interaction08, a conference targeting the world's leading interaction design practitioners. IxDA offers tiered sponsorship packages for you to customize your presence with exclusive opportunities that will maximize your conference impact.

Exhibitor: $1000

  • 5' x 5' Table space
  • Name in exhibitor list
  • 1 free pass to conference
  • [As an exhibitor you can double your space by adding $750.]

Silver: $3000

[What exhibitors get]
  • 8' x 8' table space
  • Small logo on program
  • 1 marketing piece in swag (paper)
  • 2 free passes to conference

Gold: $7500

[What Silver gets]
  • Medium logo on program
  • Small logo on swag
  • Small logo on signage
  • 3 free passes to conference

Platinum: $12000

[What Gold gets]
  • Large logo on program
  • Medium logo on swag
  • Medium logo on signage
  • Logo and personal signage at social event
  • Added give-away in swag
  • 5 free passes to conference

Wireless Internet Sponsor: $3000/zone, 2 zones available

  • Name of network as suffix: "IxDA-wireless-by-[companyname]"
  • Wireless Internet provided by [company name] on signage