One of the sponsors we were holding out for, to sponsor our video capture and publishing endeavor fell through. We feel strongly that it is part of the IxDA mandate to make sure that our conference is available to the entire IxDA community whether they attended the conference or not. We will do these videos, but it will cost us.

To that end we are looking for a sponsor at the Gold or Platinum level ($7500-$12,000) that would want to support this endeavor. Instead of a booth or an event for their exposure, I believe this exposure is worth a lot more. We would put a motion graphic piece that the sponsor provides as part of the intro to every session that is played. These sessions will be up on our website long after the conference is over providing a much broader and more influential presence than a booth or simple logo on the web site.

If you are interested please contact David Malouf at david (at) ixda (dot) org soon, as time is running out.