, the industrial design magazine, posted a series of blog entries about Interaction08 that pull out valuable lessons from a few key talks.

Here are the headlines of the entries, with links to each. If you read them from newest to oldest, they run in one continuous sweep on the site.

Interaction ’08…and we’re here

Interaction ’08 : Jared Spool : What Makes Design Seem Intuitive?

Interaction ’08 : Bill DeRouchey : Conversations with Everyday Objects

Interaction ’08 : Gabriel White : Ethics of Everyday Design

Interaction ’08 : Bill Buxton : Keynote

Interaction ’08 : Michele Tepper : Design Across Disciplines

Interaction ’08 : Chris Bernard : Classic Design Movements and IxD

Interaction ’08 : Coroflot Job Board

Interaction ’08 : Parties, Pictures, People

Interaction ’08 : Signing off…